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Consultation Spring 2024

Until 15th March 2024 we are openly consulting with all stakeholders on a proposal to develop and improve our post-14 offer by creating provision at Enterprise Works near Meadowhall (300 Meadowhall Way). This would help us to realise a broader, exciting post-14 curriculum in a wonderful, purpose-built building. It will also help by taking pressure off some of our existing sites. Now we would really like to hear your views.

Please see the newsletter for more details and click here to respond through the online form.


We wrote to all stakeholders last month around a proposal to develop post-14 provision at Enterprise Works. We’re really pleased to say that we’ve heard from a number of families who have offered comments and asked questions. So now is the time to give a short update on what we’re hearing and respond to some of the frequently asked questions…

  1. Consultation Timing

We would like to extend the consultation period by a further two weeks, to the 29th March, to allow for further responses. A couple of families contacted us to say that they would like to attend the upcoming in-person sessions arranged by Kenwood’s Sheffield provision before responding to the consultation and this extension should enable that. We are also always open to thoughts, suggestions and questions beyond the consultation period. If you have responded to the online Form already, but would like to send any further response following those sessions, then please feel free to put your further comments or questions in an email to

  1. Wider Curriculum Offer

We have had a number of positive responses around the types of wider curriculum offers that could be most beneficial. So far a number of families have indicated support for independent living, gaming/programming/digital media, amongst others. We are also reaching out to Meadowhall to make sure we plan ahead with the opportunities that this presents for partnerships that support our students on the doorstep. Some respondents have asked what scope there is to actually provide the curriculum offers listed in the online form - we can confirm that all of the ones listed could potentially be offered, so long as there is demand and it is the right offer for the students that form the cohort.

  1. Outside Space

We have a plan for how the external of the building could be developed to ensure students have access to outside space for both social time and links to curriculum offers, such as horticulture. As part of that we are exploring an opportunity to access nearby allotments as part of the offer within walking distance of Enterprise Works, and Nexus schools within a short drive have expansive playing fields that could also play a part.

  1. Transport

Transport to and from school is determined and arranged by the relevant local authority. Our home local authorities (Barnsley and Sheffield) are aware of the proposed use of Enterprise Works, so the change of site itself would not affect whether pupils have home to school transport. Whilst the site has great transport links that we hope students could benefit from as part of independent travel training, we know that is only appropriate where it is appropriate and where there is family support.

  1. Provision for Current West Riding Pupils

For young people currently accessing Kenwood’s West Riding site, there is no assumption that all young people from West Riding will move on to the offer at Enterprise Works for post-16. This would only happen in consultation with families well in advance of that transition point and taking into account all of the other options available locally through annual review processes, taking full account of parental preference, as it would be for all young people currently.