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Barnsley Campus

Barnsley Campus

Barnsley Campus West Riding is for pupils aged 11-16 predominantly with Communication and Interaction as their primary need. The children and young people may also experience mild to moderate developmental delays and a co-existing diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Conditions, social and emotional mental health needs, including other special educational needs and disabilities such as cognition and learning.

A key aspect of West Riding is the introduction of Biophilic design which contributes to pupil’s and staffs physical and mental wellbeing.

West Riding is part of Nexus Multi-Academy-Trust. For more information, please visit:

For more information, please contact West Riding main office on 01226 339990

If you need safeguarding help, please contact us using this link.

If you require specific information, please ask for one of these members of staff:

  • Co-Headteacher (Barnsley Campus): Michelle Sault
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (Barnsley Campus): Sarah Robinson
  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Barnsley Campus): Michelle Sault
  • Office Manager: Kerry James

Co-Headteacher (Sheffield Campus): Richard Hadfield

Chair of Governors (Sheffield Campus and Barnsley Campus): Richard Webster