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Feedback from Families

We welcome feedback from parents, carers and families. Here are some of the comments we have received recently:


"Everyone is fantastic: you have made my daughter develop her love for school again."


"I just want to let you know how grateful I am for everything you have both done: the help, support, understanding and patience means that my daughter has achieved much more than I thought she would have in a year: she is happy and loving school and doesn't want to have the summer holidays!"


"Thank you so much for everything and for helping to get my happy little boy back. I will never forget how you’ve helped him so much, especially with it being his first year in his new school! And thank you to all of the staff: you are all amazing at what you do."


"My daughter's progress is amazing. I can't believe the difference in her and the credit goes to all of you at Kenwood. You are all amazing people and I'm very grateful to all of you for in reality bringing our daughter back to us after a difficult time for our family."


"We never thought our son would sit exams, but passing so many and then going on to college is just amazing. Thank you for everything."


"People used to tell me to look at which young offender's institution my child was going to. Now I'm looking at which university they will go to."


"The Careers programme is really exciting. My son's horizons have expanded. He was up and ready every morning in his uniform and he was given independence. It has opened up conversations about how the outside world works and my son can see where he fits in. He now knows that he can be part of the workforce and that he has the skills to manage it."