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Curriculum intent


In maths pupils are empowered to marvel at the world around them through the exploration of the structure of everything, and application of skills to explain and understand what they see.

Pupils will develop reasoning skills as they follow the National Curriculum and are encouraged to apply mathematical knowledge and approaches to unfamiliar contexts. They will become confident to communicate and describe solutions, ideas and methods efficiently in written, symbolic and word form. They will acquire fluency in subject specific language.

Using an integrated program we employ a spiral curriculum which allows for multiple outcomes. Pupils follow a scheme of learning constructed to enable access to functional skills qualifications and/or GCSE exams as appropriate, and this is decided in discussion with parents and tutor staff on an individual basis. We recognise that pupils will have had variable experiences on entry and may have knowledge which is inconsistent across the various topics. Many pupils also have raised anxiety around maths and we encourage pupils to try things with the knowledge that errors are a healthy part of the learning process. The scheme of learning, along with individual lessons, are constructed in a way which allows for holes in knowledge to be addressed whilst encouraging every pupil to fulfil their potential, whilst being mindful of individual academic and social contexts. Declarative knowledge of formulae and facts is reinforced whilst pupils are encouraged to apply knowledge and skills in a variety of problem solving contexts.

Our students are appropriately stretched and make progress in their knowledge and application of maths through the study of the four main areas of the curriculum:

Numeracy: Students will work on numerical fluency in both written and mental form to underpin their study of the other areas of maths.

Data: Progressing from bar and pie charts pupils will progress through the 5 averages and probability methods to explore and explain real life situations in greater depth.

Geometry and Measure: From a simple line to complex 3 dimensional shapes the learners will develop visualisation and spatial reasoning and will apply these in a breadth of contexts.

Algebra: Existing problem solving skills are developed through the language of algebra from simplification to equation solving. 

Pupils have the opportunity to be entered for Edexcel functional skills and/or Edexcel GCSE when they are ready, and at an appropriate level. We prepare for these with exam style practice, and pupils are often entered for different qualifications. This reduces the stress and pressure associated with examinations.

Studying maths at Kenwood fosters confidence, builds skills for life and instils inquisitiveness as pupils prepare for their next steps.